1/32 Ninco Analog Slot Car Race Track Sets "Starter Pro" WICO [Ninco 20162]

 With 2 Speed Terminal Track, and Ninco "WICO" 2.4GHz Wireless analog controllers NO CARS INCLUDED!
 Track Length: 25' 7" / Space Req: 7' x 5' 5" Note requires one extra 1/4 straight to make figure 8 like the Ninco Octane Set

Our Price: $259.99

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If your having trouble with the controllers, we've been told that it doesn't like certain batteries IE; Duracell batteries it doesn't seem to like. Also make sure you have the batteries put in the correct way.

The terminal track can be set at 80% or 100% of power

We have also included a bag of 'fillers' for the wireless controllers. Pop a filler into the handle and this prevents the trigger from closing all the way. Slows down the cars even more; great for young children just learning to race!

Here is a shortcut to our listing of Ninco Analog Slot Cars

6 10102 Standard straight track
2 10103 half straight track
1 10104 Quarter straight track
18 10105 Standard curve tracks
24 10201 Guardrails
1 Power Transformer
1 10413 Terminal Track with 2 "WI-CO" Wireless Controllers
Track supports

Sorry, out of stock. Click Buy to backorder.

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