Carrera Analog Track

There is only one width of Carrera track. It is used in both 1/32 and 1/24 track sets. So, if you purchase a 1/32 analog or Digital132 set, you have the same basic track as in a Digital124 set. There is only one category of Carrera track marked STRICTLY digital. and another one marked STRICTLY analog. Other than that all their track pretty much works on Carrera 1/32 analog, Digital132, and Digital124 sets!

Check out our Carrera Curve Info Page for explanations of Carrera Curves!

[Carrera 20515]
Comes with additional straight
 - 13.58 inches - 2 pcs



[Carrera 20509]

MSRP: $46.99
Our Price $33.99 


[Carrera 20560-Bulk]

  Bulk track without packaging - 4 pcs



[Carrera 20517]

  This is an Analog Crossing Section not Digital!



[Carrera 20571]
This curve generally comes in Carrera track sets.



[Carrera 20571 - Bulk]

 NEW Bulk Track Without Packaging



[Carrera 20571 - Combo]

 With Outside Borders



[Carrera 20572OU]

 May have striping or numbering
 Older '4-tab' track
  Slightly Used from Sales Floor Track



[Carrera 20572 - Bulk]

 NEW Bulk Track Without Packaging



[Carrera 20591 - bulk]

 - 2pcs NEW Bulk Track Comes Without Packaging




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