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Carrera Exclusiv is the racetrack system of the high end class. The perfect match of tracks and cars in the large scale 1:24. Now this product line has an extensive tuning assortment!

New Car Technology
You can tune your race car in various ways to gain an advantage over your competitors!

1. Tuning the handling characteristics
Changing the magnets and distance plates offers individual tuning possibilities - for the beginner who needs strong road grip as well as for the professional driver requiring more sliding and drifting action.

2. Removable, replaceable engine transmission block
Different transmission ratios, tires and tuning engine to change the car's maximum speed and accelerating and braking behaviour.

3. Cars come with front (xenon) and rear lighting
All Exclusiv cars are equipped with lights.

4. Height adjustment of the chassis
To adjust the ground clearance of the car's body in high banked curves and crossings.

  • standard setting of the chassis - for flat track layouts
  • high-adjusted chassis - for track layouts with high banked curves and crossings

5. Height adjustment of the rocker bar
Enlarges the car's distance between the track and the body's front (improves passing high banked curves and crossings).

Here is a diagram that shows many features of Carrera 1/24 slot cars

Carrera Flash Demo pic

Click here to go to a Carrera 1/24 Exclusive Tuning Application Chart.
It does a great job showing which tuning motors go with the appropriate rear axles for particular 1/24 Carrera Slot Cars.

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