Cen-Tech 7 Function Digital Multi-Tester [98025]

 (Includes 9 volt battery)

Our Price: $9.99


This is a must have tool for the serious slot car racer.

Use it to check polarity of a track before connecting your slot car controller.
This meter can check amperage draw of a slot car motor
Use it to test continuity of an electrical circuit
It will even test the amount of charge left in batteries.
The uses of this tool are endless once you know how to use it and understand it's functions

~AC Voltage Measurements (Measure AC conductors carrying up to 750 VAC, 45-450 HZ.)
~DC Voltage Measurements (Measure DC conductors carrying up to 1000 VDC)
~DC Current Measurements (up to 10 amps
~Resistance Measurements (up to 2000K Ohms)
~Transistor (hFE) Measurements (Test transistors to ensure proper function)
~Diode Measurement (Test the voltage drop in diodes)
~Battery Charge Measurement (9 volt or 1.5 volt batteries only) examples AA - AAA - C - D size batteries

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