Help Making a Cool Carrera Track Layout


Want a cool Carrera Digital or Analog track layout? Don't know where to start? You've come to the right place! First thing you need to figure out is:

1. How big can your table be?
2. Do you want the track to go to the edge of the table or if not how much space between the track and the edge of table you want?
3. What do you want your layout to look like?
4. What is your budget?

See our article on general tips on Designing a track layout and building a slot car table.

We have been designing custom layouts for years so we may have already designed a layout that will fit your needs perfectly! If you look through our Hotslots Custom Track Layouts , you will see lots of different custom layouts that we have designed. If you see a layout you like, click the More Info link. This is where you can see what brands of track the layout is currently available in. If you would like for us to create a layout for you in a different brand of track or in a different layout than you have already seen, contact us at or give us a call at 217-355-2277 (CARS) with your table size, and budget. One of our track planners will work with you to create a great looking track for you.

If you know you want a Carrera track, check out the Digital or Analog Carrera Slot Car Track Sets pages! You will see the basic Carrera track sets, plus our our custom layouts. Our custom layouts first start with one of the Carrera track sets, then we figure out what extra track you need to make the custom layout designs that you see. We put it all together for you; all you need to do is click one BUY button and we will ship you everything you need (including the track layout of course) so you can have fun racing on a larger more interesting layout.

As you will soon learn, the sky is the limit in track layouts. It's always fun to check out the Track Set Pictures sent to us by our customers in our Customer tracks section of our website.

*Starting March 1st 2015, we will require a $100 deposit for our track planning service. The deposit is non-refundable; however if you purchase the contents of the layout from us the $100 will be subtracted from your final total.

* If you are purchasing a track set from us, we do limit our track planning to 4 layouts (and/or changes to layouts) per customer.

We highly recommend that you take some time to look at the links above, so you have a good understanding of what you would like for us to design for you!


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