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When setting up your Scalextric digital layout:
1.) Set the track for clockwise rotation.

2.) Each of the lane change track sections have sensors at one end of the track section. The lane change sections should have the sensors in front of the lane change, not behind (keeping in mind that the cars are going to run in clockwise rotation).

3.) Once you have the track sections together, plug the controllers into the ports on the 4 car digital power base.

4.) Now plug the power transformer into the right hand side of the 4 car digital power base. The green LED should light up letting you know that the track is powered up.

1.) Make sure that there are no cars on the track.

2.) Take the car that you want to program and place it on the track section that the 4 car digital power base is attached to.

3.) Each controller port has a button on the top of the power base (#1 #2 #3 #4).

4.) Place the car in the slot on the track. Push and hold the button down on the top of the power base which goes with your controller.

5.) The green light on the 4 car digital power base will flash two times. The car is now programed to that controller.

6.) To confirm this, gently push the throttle trigger and the car should move.

7.) Repeat this procedure for the other cars keeping in mind that any time you program a car, all other cars must be removed from the track.

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