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The Scalextric Sport Digital system offers either a 4 car power base for racing up to 4 digital cars at one time, or Scalextric offers a 6 car power base which has a lot more race features and allows up to 6 digital slot cars to race at the same time. With both digital power bases, your car changes lanes with special track sections that allow drivers to switch lanes and overtake at the press of a button on the new Sport Digital hand throttles.

The 6 car digital power base offers racers 7 different race modes, hand throttles with adjustable settings, as well as the ability to race in analog mode on the exact same track. Sport Digital is compatible with existing Scalextric track (except of course for transformers, controllers, or the analog power base). You do use standard straights, curves etc... to expand your Scalextric digital track.

To add to your Scalextric digital car collection, you just add a digital plug ready (DPR) micro chip to Scalextric analog cars that are set up for this chip, or you can do a little more work and add a microprocessor chip (c7005 or C7006) to almost any analog 1/32 car no matter what the brand (Some Scalextric analog cars will need the C7005 or C7006). You can tell what you will need by 1) looking for DPR in the description (this is the easy to pop in chip) or 2) if you don't see that in a Scalextric car, then click on the 'More Info" button and it will give you info and also related products for that car. In the related products, you will see what chip you need. You can also take a Scalextric 'digitized' car and race it (without any changes) on an analog track if you wish.

Some Key Facts to Keep in Mind:

~The Digital Track Set uses existing Scalextric Sport track, plus Scalextric Classic track can also be used provided the electrical connections between track sections are in good condition.

~A total of seven different racing modes are available if you buy the 6 car power base (C7042) which offers various ways to race: Grand Prix, Endurance, Rally, Pursuit, NASCAR, Arcade and Qualifying.

~Cars must be fitted with a special digital chip to enable them to run on a digital system as Scalextric doesn't carry any digital cars you can purchase individually. Scalextric cars in their digital track sets already have the digital chips installed. To race more cars on a Scalextric digital set, you will need to 'chip' them yourself. (You cannot race Carrera Digital cars, SCX Digital cars, or Ninco NDigital cars, on the Scalextric Digital Track). The issue is, every digital system is manufactured differently, so the way the cars, control unit, and chips communicate is different. End result is that if you have a digital car, you can only race it digitally on that brand of digital track. (With Scalextric, you can race their digital car on any brand of 1/32 ANALOG track.)

~ You can modify almost all analog cars to the Scalextric digital system; (very small cars like mini-coopers are the only ones we know are a problem, but there may be others).

~When buying extra lane change curve sections, remember each section consists of a half straight and a double length standard curve. This is especially important when designing circuits - don't forget the half straight that leads in to the lane change curve. Lane change straights are equal to 1 and 1/2 straights.

~For the 6 car power base: Each power supply provides power for three cars, so if you plan on running four or more cars you will need an extra power supply. The digital 6 car power base has two power inputs for this purpose.

~Scalextric Sport Digital or Scalextric DPR cars or Scalextric digital cars with installed Microprocessor (C7005 or C7006) chips CAN race on an Analog track. All you need to do is put the car on the Analog track and use an Analog controller and you're good to go!

~Braking: For the standard 4 car power base, all you need to do is let up on the throttle and the magnet in the car slows it down. For the 6 car power base, you have more braking options that you can easily program to your controller.

~With digital cars, come crashes! So think about borders and barriers for your track set. This is going to be especially important if your set is on a table.

A Comparison of Scalextric Sport Digital to other slot car brands

Digital Track compatible with standard existing track?YESYESYESYES
Conversion of other manufacturers' cars to Digital?YESNONOYES
Digital Cars able to race on non-digital track (no changes need to be made)?YESNOYESNO
Digital racing up to 6 cars on same track?YESYESYESYES

Introduction to Scalextric Digital 4 Car and 6 Car Power Bases

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Scalextric Sport Digital FAQs

This FAQ section contains information on how to get the best out of Sport Digital.

Q: Can I use an RMS (Race Management System) with Scalextric Sport Digital?
A: Jackaments Software makes an aftermarket RMS called the Scalextric Sports Digital Console (SSDC) that adds great features to a Scalextric digital track. Refueling pit lanes, 4 different race types, and detailed race graphs are just a few of the things you can do with the SSDC. We've written an article on SSDC and also outlined a few tips for setting it up.

Q: Can I use old track with Digital?
A: Yes, but you can not use the old power base or transformers. Only use the Digital Power Supplies (C9303) provided.

Q: Basics - How many lanes are used?
A: You can expand your track set up to four lanes but, you have to bring it down to only 2 lanes at the Start/Finish line so the lapcounting will work correctly.

Q: Power - How many power supplies are required?
A: You can only use one power supply with the 4 car power base. However you can use two with the 6 car power base and that is what we recommend. With the 6 car power base, one digital power supply (C9303) is suitable for up to three cars. Two power supplies are required for four to six cars. It is perfectly OK to use two power supplies for a single car or any number of cars. It is also OK to use just one power supply for 6 cars but top end performance will suffer.

Q: Power Base - How is it possible to keep track of 4 or 6 cars on 2 lanes?
A: The Sport Digital power base LCD display shows the ID, position and other relevant lap timing for the car as it passes the sensor in the power base.

Q: Digital Chips - 'Saloon' or 'F1'?
A: Either Chip can be used on a chassis, space permitting. Their descriptions of 'F1' and 'Saloon' only reflect their general suitability for a chassis; the 'F1' chip being long with an elongated sensor board wire and the 'Saloon' chip being a more compact but larger unit.


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